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FIND Food Bank now enrolling for Senior Feeding Program


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Crystal Jimenez

KESQ Reporter: Click to access news story

FIND Food Bank is trying to ensure no one goes hungry this holiday season, especially seniors who may have a hard time getting food in their fridges.

Slots are open for seniors interested in receiving food from the food bank as part of the Senior Feeding Program.

The program has 35 distribution sites across the Coachella Valley where seniors can pick food up.

Another option for homebound seniors is having the food delivered by one of the food bank’s volunteers.

Seniors who wish to participate need to qualify for the program. A couple of requirements include being at 130% or below the federal poverty rate, and also being over the age of 60 years old.

For seniors who don’t qualify but still need food, they are still able to go to one of its over one hundred mobile food markets across the Coachella Valley to also get food.

You can find the nearest mobile food market on FIND Food Bank’s website.