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FIND Food Bank Receives 15,000 Pounds of Food Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


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Since the pandemic started, the number of local  families struggling to put food on the table has nearly doubled. FIND Food received a donation that will provide fourteen thousand meals for families. 

News Channel 3’s Dani Romero has more on why the big donation will make a difference in a difficult time. 

An Oroweat truck from Bimbo Bakeries made its way to FIND Food Bank distribution center in Indio Wednesday morning.

“We are so grateful as part of Feeding America Network and the national partners of Feeding America has Find Food Bank was selected as one of the ten food banks out of the two hundred in the United States that will be receiving donations from the Walmart Summer Hunger Challenge program,” said Debbie Espinosa, CEO of FIND Food Bank.

Five thousand pounds of bread pallets rolled off the truck. 

“Because of COVID the food pantries and the food are running low and are having alot more issues with hunger in the nation,” said Jason Barry, account executive of Bimbo Bakeries. “We are proud and happy to help contribute to that issue.” 

“This is contributing to building those fourteen thousand meals paired with the other products that we have coming out from the food bank to really create a healthy nutritious balance diet for all clients in the community,” said Espinosa.

And there’s no time to waste, these donations will be out door by next week. 

President of FIND Food Bank, Debbie Espinosa said due to the pandemic, they hand out food differently. 

Some sites are walk ups with social distancing and mask protocols while others are drive thru’s.  

“We know that we’ll be doing this for a few more months well in 2021,” said Espinosa.

As the pandemic wears on, there’s a concern that even more people will find themselves in need of food. 

“we are going to need all the help we can get,”said Espinosa.