The Desert is a world-renowned vacation spot that has something for adventurists and relaxed tourists alike. Travelers are no longer limited to golfing or mountain hikes; the newest travel trend encourages giving back to our local Desert communities.

Volunteer Tourism aka Voluntourism is on the rise around the world…

Voluntourism allows travelers to experience an iconic Desert getaway AND return the service to our communities that create that magic year-round. Volunteering connects you to the local community and can create a more memorable vacation experience. It enhances your sense of purpose, boosts your health, and provides bonding for groups and families. Spending a morning or afternoon giving back at FIND Food Bank feels good, and that feeling remains long after the vacation bliss wears off.

Voluntourism Opportunities

Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more about giving back in our warehouse or at our distribution sites.

Program Partners

Contact the Volunteer Programs Department to register your family or group for a volunteer event.

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