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In 2022, we distributed 20 million meals to

120,000 people on average every month at

150+ distribution sites

Hunger and food insecurity are widespread and affect a diverse range of people and places in the Coachella Valley desert region. Our organization was created over three decades ago to assist and empower those who face challenges meeting their basic nutritional needs. FIND is a healthy food bank that delivers fresh and non-perishable food to a vast network of community agency partners and directly to people in our communities. FIND provides 75-100% of the total food supply for 90% of the region’s major soup kitchens, food pantries, religious organizations, and nonprofits. FIND also has a robust Mobile Market system at an additional 46 distribution sites. We help feed on average 120,000 people per month.

FIND Food Bank is the expert on food insecurity and its root causes in our desert region. We are the emergency disaster response regional food bank recognized by the state and county as the first line of defense against hunger. We serve as the state and federal food deployment hub for all food pantries and people in our service area. Our approach is holistic and dedicated to educating the community, raising awareness, and mobilizing resources to fight hunger and end the cycle of poverty. Our goal is to end hunger today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.

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A regional food bank acts as a hub, sourcing food from a variety of places across the US and from people, processing it safely in our warehouse, and distributing it equitably to the hundreds of food pantries, nonprofit organizations, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and Mobile Markets that serve individual communities across the desert region.

75% – 100%

of the total food supply for over 100 of the desert’s major soup kitchens, food pantries, religious organizations, and nonprofits in our region.

FIND also has a robust mobile pantry system at an additional

46 Sites

We help feed an average


people per month.