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Let’s end hunger

FIND Food Bank

FIND is the regional food bank serving eastern Riverside and southern San Bernardino Counties in southern California. We are one of the 200 Feeding America network food banks in the United States. We are the regional emergency disaster response food bank recognized by the state and county as the first line of defense against hunger. We help feed an average of 150,000 people each month through our network of 150 distribution sites, which includes FIND’s 42 community mobile markets, and over 80 community-based partners.

FIND’s Agency Network includes about 90% of our region’s food pantries, soup kitchens, and non-profit organizations that collect food from FIND to distribute to their communities. FIND Food Bank works to promote the dignity and protect the health of the people we serve by providing nutritious, culturally appropriate food to anyone in need where it is needed most.

Let’s End Hunger.

Our purpose

FIND Food Bank

For Today

Our programs provide access to our clients’ core needs of healthy foods through FIND’s network of food distribution sites. Our network includes more than 100 Agencies, such as soup kitchens, homeless shelters, religious organizations, and also FIND’s 44 free Community Mobile Markets. FIND is recognized by the State of California and the County of Riverside as the disaster and emergency response regional food bank acting as the hub for disaster food distribution to the Desert Region.

For Tomorrow

Our additional outreach services support clients’ access to food through other food assistance programs besides direct food distributions. These programs increase self-sufficiency for people to access the healthy food that helps them thrive. Learn more about FIND’s CalFresh Outreach Case Management program and team of Community Health Workers that can help you sign up for programs and benefits.

For A Lifetime

FIND collaborates with other major nonprofits and organizations within key areas to address the root causes of hunger. We engage in research with schools, colleges, and universities, financial literacy institutions, healthcare, and workforce development sectors to identify their connections to food insecurity and effectively advocate for the community’s health and the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing hunger.

About us - For Today
About us - For Tomorrow
About us - For a Lifetime


By taking hunger off the table, we enable families to focus on other priorities such as rent and mortgage payments that will help reduce homelessness, medical care to keep them healthy, and lower stress to help individuals perform better at work and school. We empower communities to face their challenges with confidence. Today and in the long term, providing nutritious food is an investment in health, which is why we always deliver a combination of 40-50% fresh produce to support the physical and mental well-being of our neighbors and our greater Desert communities.

FIND Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, the national network of food banks, and the California Association of Food Banks. The state and county recognize FIND as the emergency disaster response regional food bank, distributing equitably and acting as the federal and state food deployment hub for all food pantries and people in our service area. FIND Food Bank is at the forefront of advocating for folks facing food insecurity in our Desert Region on the local, state, and federal levels.


FIND Food Bank (Food In Need of Distribution) is dedicated to relieving hunger, the causes of hunger, and the problems associated with hunger through awareness, education, and mobilization of resources and community involvement.


To create a community that is free of hunger and food insecurity.


In achieving our vision and delivering our mission, we uphold our values of:

EDiversity and Integrity