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A county drive-thru honors local caregivers on the frontline


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November is National Caregivers Month. Riverside County Department of Public Social Services honored essential workers with a drive thru resource fair Wednesday.

As News Channel 3’s Dani Romero shows us it was a socially distanced way for the community to honor those who continue to work on the frontlines of the pandemic.

A line of cars outside Indio’s Employment Development Department Center.

Drivers waiting their turn to pick up bags of resources and supplies like personal protective equipment. 

“This is great, I love it like this is a lot of support for us,” said Leticia Ramirez, a Coachella Valley caregiver.

Leticia Ramirez, a local caregiver, was overwhelmed by the community support as she continues to works closely with the vulnerable population. 

And even working on the frontlines of the pandemic, Ramirez said its  been difficult for her to find masks. 

“I always have to be washing mine and putting vinegar in it and just doing everything that I can,” said Ramirez.”I just have two, I have this one and another one, I just wish they can provide more of the masks for us.” 

Ramirez came by hoping to get lucky with a supply of masks. 

“Hopefully that’s what I got in the bag. I am hoping because I really need more and to also help me kids too.” 

Find Food Bank also gave back to these caregivers by donating one 150 boxes of fresh produce. 

And along with that the United Domestic Workers Union showing their appreciation. 

“The work that they do is ‘God’s work’ right and it takes a really strong person alot of these caregivers leave their full time jobs to take care of family members,” said Yvette Elam, a Regional Manager for United Domestic Workers Union.

Here in the Coachella Valley, we have about 6,300 caregivers who serve our  older and disabled community. 

“Alot of times we talk about doctors or other frontline workers we don’t talk about care takers and these care takers are caring for about 39,000 residents in Riverside County,” said Angela Naso, Riverside County Public Information Specialist.