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Chief Service Officer of California visits FIND Food Bank to urge people to volunteer


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The Chief Service Officer of California, Josh Fryday, was joined by some local elected officials in a visit to the FIND Food Bank warehouse in Indio to highlight the importance of volunteerism

FIND Food Bank was chosen due to its work to help feed the Coachella Valley and the close partnership with the state to bring the National Guard and volunteers to the food bank.

Fryday said FIND Food Bank has been on the frontlines since the pandemic began and stressed why volunteers are needed to keep it going.

“We’ve seen a drastic increase in food insecurity here and throughout the state of California and our food banks have stepped up in a major way, but they need our help. They run because of the support of volunteers throughout the community and we need more volunteers than ever,” Fryday said. “We are calling on everyone who can to step up and volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering, visit

For more information on FIND Food Bank, visit their website here: