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Thank You for Giving to the Community


Taking this moment to reflect on the year, what makes you feel grateful? Is it your relationships, a passionate career, or having the necessities in life that allow you to care for yourself and your loved ones? There’s so much for us to appreciate here at FIND Food Bank. We continue providing healthy meals to 60% more people than prior to the pandemic. With over 150 mga lugar ng pamamahagi, including 80+ agency partners, we serve nourishing meals that sustain those experiencing food and financial insecurity. The holidays help us cherish these rare moments of togetherness, not stressing about unpaid bills or empty stomachs. With your help, we ensure no family, senior, child, or veteran has to worry about putting food on the table this holiday season. Gather around to see how your good deeds provide comfort & hope to over 150,000 people in the desert each month.
Giving Grocery Staples While Store Prices Soar
Through November, FIND’s 45 Community Mobile Markets offered chicken paired with Thanksgiving side dishes, including corn, potatoes, broccoli, gravy, stuffing, and even pies.
These days even some working adults can’t afford as much food at the grocery store due to the 40% increase in transportation costs and the 13% increase in the price of meat, fish, poultry, and eggs.
Families facing food insecurity reported needing $44 more each month to cover food expenses. To meet that need, FIND provides approximately $50 worth of groceries at each of our monthly Mobile Market locations spread across the Coachella Valley and Hi-Desert.
Help FIND transform your gift of $25 into 100 meals for those facing food insecurity.
Give A Meal
In the Community
FIND University launched as a pilot program in November with the help of a $1.8M investment from the state to combat food insecurity and student debt. The Californians for All College Corps connects College of the Desert students with volunteer opportunities at FIND to help serve those facing hunger. At the same time, they gain skills for the workforce and $10,000 toward tuition costs.FIND also stocks the College of the Desert Central Pantry and their Indio Central Pantry to provide food and healthy snacks to students on each side of the Valley. Rural areas represent most of the counties experiencing the highest rates of food insecurity in the US.Hear from FIND’s agency partners and residents of the Hi-Desert who will enjoy a Thanksgiving meal this Thursday thanks to FIND’s help.HANAPIN's Community Health Worker and CalFresh Case Management program provides more than food assistance for clients. For those experiencing financial or housing insecurity and medical or other emergencies, FIND’s team offers holistic services in the form of application assistance and referrals.Read how Ana helped a single mom who lost everything after her home burnt down in Desert Hot Springs.
Remember what you are grateful for, and share it with a neighbor in need.
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