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Hundreds of Families get Fresh food from FIND Food Bank’s Mobile Market Distribution


FIND Food Bank and News Channel 3 partnered up for their annual telethon, raising over $253,000 to help combat food insecurity in the community. Following the successful fundraiser, hundreds of families were able to pick up fresh food and produce at a mobile market distribution event.

Volunteers from FIND Food Bank packed up around 300 trunks full of fresh produce, including delicious asparagus and other nutritious foods, to distribute to those in need. Karen Beck, a volunteer, said that the need for free food is growing, with the number of guests in line tripling in the past year alone.

The mobile market distribution event had a massive impact on the community, with FIND Food Bank’s Director of Community Impact, Lorena Marroquin, saying that it gave out 21 pallets of food, providing healthy meals for hundreds. The event’s focus was on child hunger, with Marroquin highlighting the importance of child hunger programs that the fundraiser helped.

“The telethon last night really helped raise a lot of money, especially coming up in the summer months when the kids aren’t going to get any food at school,” said Karen Beck. FIND Food Bank serves an average of 125,000 people each month, highlighting the ongoing need for support in combating food insecurity.

The impact of the partnership between FIND Food Bank and News Channel 3 was felt throughout the community, with many individuals benefiting from the funds raised. “It’s going to have a huge impact on the communities we serve,” said Lorena Marroquin. “Thank you for helping in child hunger.”