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FIND Food Bank Hosts Emergency Mobile Market For Cathedral City Residents, Impacted By Storm


FIND Food Bank Hosts Emergency Mobile Market For Cathedral City Residents, Deeply Impacted By Tropical Storm Hilary

Local organizations are doing their best to help the Cathedral City community after they were deeply impacted by Tropical Storm Hilary.

Today, Find Food Bank hosted an emergency mobile market to provide residents with food and clean water.

Find Food Bank

“There’s still a lot of pain in our community, there’s a lot of fear of the unknown for the people, they’re just worried about what’s coming next.” Ryan Hunt, the Communications and Events Manager for Cathedral City says.

It’s been almost a week since Tropical Storm Hilary rocked through the communities, here in the Coachella Valley, and while most residents were able to recover quickly, others are still facing major difficulties.

Thanks to organizations like Find Food Bank, many neighborhoods in Cathedral City will continue to have essentials like food and water.

“Going to be having shelf stable foods as well as perishable foods as well as water that’s going to be there. It’s a grocery style distribution, so cars will be pulling up and we will be giving anywhere between 30 to 50 pounds of grocery products for their households.” Debbie Espinosa, the President and CEO of Find Food Bank says.

No paperwork or form of identification was needed to benefit from the mobile market. 

“We expect 300 to 400 people to be there this evening, but we will be prepared for more because we want to make sure that we can serve everybody that says that they’re in need of food in the Cathedral City area.” Espinosa says.

Cathedral City and Find Food Bank have one main goal, to bring the community together.

“We have great partners like Find Food Bank, who have resources and expertise and really things that can do things, that we really don’t have the resources to do as a city staff. It’s just a great, great thing for our community to have.” Hunt says.

“Food has the ability to bring people together, so for us to be able to support one another as organizations, supporting the communities and neighbors supporting communities. It takes all of us to be able to work together to rebuild.” Espinosa says.