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FIND Food Bank helps locals sign up for CalFresh program


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FIND Food Bank is trying to educate the public about CalFresh to help get people signed up and access more food options.

While the FIND Food Bank’s mobile food markets help get food into people’s fridges, CalFresh is a program also available to help with that.

CalFresh is a supplemental nutrition program formerly known as food stamps.

Lorena Marroquin, FIND’s Director of Community Impact said the program is the first line of defense against food insecurity.

It helps serve children, seniors, and people with disabilities. According to FIND Food Bank, nearly half of the people benefiting from CalFresh are children.

Having CalFresh gives clients the choice to go into a supermarket and buy what they want. Those signed up for CalFresh are still able to receive food from the mobile food markets.

You can access CalFresh benefits through the outreach team on the food bank’s website or call (760) 775-3663.

The outreach team can help answer any questions and provide more information on CalFresh.

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