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FIND Food Bank continues to distribute clean water to Oasis Mobile Home Park residents


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Miyoshi Price

KESQ Reporter

For the second day in a row, FIND Food Bank distributed an additional 1,200 gallons of bottled water to residents of the Oasis Mobile Home Park. It’s a community that has struggled with access to clean water for nearly three years.

On Wednesday during a community meeting, residents showed Supervisor Manuel Perez a notice, dated July 1, that the water in the community should not be used for any purpose, including drinking, bathing, cooking, or brushing one’s teeth.

The meeting spawned a series of water distributions this weekend for the park’s nearly 1,100 residents.

Residents at Friday’s distribution said they were grateful, happy to have clean water for their homes, but they remained concerned about their future.

Find Bood Bank is the regional disaster response food bank for Riverside County. The organization has patterned with Supervisor Manuel Perez’s office and other businesses around the county.

Supervisor Manuel Perez said FIND will continue to hold water distributions on the sidewalk of the community.

Distribution timeline:

  • 1 pm Saturday, July 30th.
  • 9 am Sunday, July 31st.

Jeff Campbell the Direction of Operations of Find Food Bank said Nestle Water and BlueTriton are, “ramping up to get us donated water to handle this emergency, I’ve always have something set back in reserve, just for such an occurrence like this, or an earthquake, or whatever the case may be. So we’re the emergency response team for that. So I’m already prepared to handle what we’ve gotten this weekend”

The crew setting up for this weekend’s water and FOOD distribution is working overtime, according to its Marketing team.

Since November, the EPA found water containing arsenic levels above federal legal limits in at least seven mobile home parks. In May, I-Team investigator Peter Daut took an in-depth look at the water issues in the east valley.