Introducing Dig In: FIND Food Bank’s Blog to End Hunger

September 30 | Blog

Get ready to Dig In to the community stories, issues, and solutions surrounding food insecurity in the desert. FIND’s new blog will dive into the root causes of hunger and our impact on the fight to end it; learn how you can take action, speak up, and discover new ways to lend a helping hand.

You may know that FIND Food Bank is the Desert’s Regional Food Bank, but our vision extends beyond food distributions to imagine a future where none of our neighbors go hungry. FIND’s goal is to end hunger today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime. Learn how we approach our mission through nutrition and education, public policies that combat hunger long-term, community partnerships, and help from our community members at the core of making the desert a wonderful place to work and live.


Nutrition + Education

We partner with healthcare institutions, local growers, community agencies, and other nonprofits to ensure that everyone has equitable access to nutritious food and also understands the importance of healthy choices to our well-being.

From sharing affordable recipes to new research on the impact of hunger on health, there is much to learn about the future of food. Food connects cultures, communities and expresses the love that contributes to good health, financial security, and brighter futures.




To maintain vital anti-hunger programs, we share opportunities for you to take action to secure food and a financial future for those struggling to make ends meet. As the Desert’s Regional food bank, FIND is at the forefront of advocating for solutions to hunger at the local, state, and federal levels. You can make a real difference by reaching out to your government representatives and spreading the word to your network. Join us to #FINDaWaytoEndHunger for good!

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Our CalFresh Case Management team provides clients with assistance in housing, utility, education and other forms of benefits by listening and applying a specialized approach to each individual person. There is much more to learn to ensure there is equitable opportunity in our community. Stay tuned for the latest research on the root causes of hunger and the most effective programs and solutions combating food insecurity.

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New research and data continues to emerge revealing the issues surrounding food insecurity and poverty. Food influences our mental and physical health, economic opportunity, and our connection to the community. To understand how hunger evolves, stay in this dynamic space with us and learn about the hunger issues impacting the nation, California, and your neighborhood.

Local Stories 

The Desert is a special place for many reasons. Beautiful landscapes and sunny skies inspire creativity, resilience, compassion, and service in the face of unique obstacles. Every member of this community has a unique story; whether they are receiving FIND’s food services, giving to the cause, or both, everyone has the opportunity to effect change and inspire others to do the same.

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