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FIND Food Bank starts up Kids Summer Feeding Program


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Crystal Jimenez

KESQ Reporter

Summer is officially here, and so is the need for food. FIND Food Bank is helping put food in the mouths of its community members as the need arises with its Kids Summer Feeding Program.

Kayleen Sullivan, the Development and Community Relations Coordinator, said, “We’re trying to target kids while they’re out of school and meals become harder to find. Especially while funds are tighter in the summer. Energy bills go up. This is just a hard time for families in the desert.”

The Kids Summer Feeding Program offers families about 40 -50 pounds of food expected to last about a week. From fresh produce, dairy, grains to different proteins, even diapers, each event is set to offer different food.

According to FIND Food Bank, 4 of 5 children will experience food insecurity in the desert region alone this summer. Of the 150,000 people, the food bank feeds on average a month, about 60,000 of them are 0-18 years old.

In addition, the food bank has 44 community mobile market locations in an effort to minimize the obstacles for families to access free food boxes.

The food bank will be distributing more food boxes in the next few days.

·         Friday, June 25, 9-10:30 am – Cesar Chavez Elementary School

·         Friday, June 25, 4-6 pm – Oasis Elementary School

·         Monday, June 28, 10-11 am – Cabot Yerxa Elementary