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FIND Food Bank’s Mobile Food Markets Brings Healthy Food Near You


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Crystal Jimenez

KESQ Reporter

Every day of the week FIND Food Bank holds mobile food markets to bring healthy food options to underserved communities.

During the holidays, the need for these kinds of foods grows even more.

Hundreds of people always line up for FIND Food Bank’s mobile food markets. There are 42 different locations across the Coachella Valley that pop up nearly every day.

“We’re set up to reach neighborhoods that didn’t have access to healthy foods within 3 miles of them,” explained Kayleen Sullivan, FIND Food Bank’s development and community relations coordinator. “So we mapped it out and now throughout the entire desert region the 5,000 square miles that we serve there’s not a neighborhood in the Coachella Valley that’s not 3 miles away from a mobile market.”

These markets make it easy for people to get their food. All you have to do is line up with your vehicle and drive up to get the goods.

These giveaways include healthy foods to help feed up to a family of four. Each family received between 40-50 pounds of food that could last them up to two weeks.

“40-50% of any of our food distributions will be fresh produce which is huge and we source that from all over the United States,” said Sullivan.

With the holiday season here and the rising price of poultry, the food bank is currently distributing frozen chickens to help supplement the cost of meats. This is beneficial to those who don’t have access to an oven but can still have that hearty protein and good holiday meal with their family according to Sullivan.

People come from all over to collect the food from FIND Food Bank and are grateful for it all.