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FIND Food Bank sees 110 percent increase of people in need of food since the start of the …


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According to the president and CEO of FIND Food Bank Debbie Espinosa, the amount of people served per month by FIND in the Eastern Riverside and Southern San Bernardino county areas has grown by over 100,000 people since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April 2019, FIND served about 90,000 people. Last month, in April 2020, FIND distributed food to over 190,000 children, adults and seniors.

“It’s a startling illustration of the economic pressures created by the pandemic and the corresponding impact on the lives of the 54,000 families served by FIND and our network of food pantries. For many families, the choice is between spending money on other necessities of life like housing, medical needs, child care, etc., and feeding themselves adequately,” Espinosa said.

“By providing food support valued at over $2.8 million for the month of April, these families can redirect their precious resources to help meet their other needs. This then translates into direct value for our local economy, particularly important during this time,” she added.

Additional contrasts between April 2019 and April 2020:

  • Pounds of food distributed: 1,066,558 (4/2019) 1,739,839 (4/2020)
  • Resulting meals: 881,453 (4/2019), 1,437,883 (4/2020)