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FIND Food Bank and desert cities light up orange in solidarity for Hunger Action Month


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September is National Hunger Action Month and the Coachella Valley is lighting up orange to raise awareness of food insecurity.

News Channel 3’s Caitlin Thropay met with FIND Food Bank and some of our valley’s local leaders to see how they are taking action.

“It is not acceptable to have hunger in our country,” FIND Food Bank’s President and CEO, Debbie Espinosa told News Channel 3.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the color orange this month.

“We stand in solidarity together to make sure that nobody gets left behind, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Espinosa said.

Six of our desert cities are standing in solidarity lighting up orange to raise awareness of those who are hungry in our communities.

“Hunger Action Month is just another opportunity for myself and the city of La Quinta to call out the need for people to have food and be able to function especially during a pandemic like this,” Mayor of La Quinta Linda Evans told News Channel 3 during a food distribution at La Quinta High School.

Desert Hot Springs also lighting up orange for the entire month.

“It means so much to me because I see the people out here in line, they’re just the average individual that’s looking for a helping hand and there’s nothing more important than making sure you have a good meal, that you can think right and have a good quality of life and it’s just a basic necessity,” Mayor of Indio Glenn Miller told News Channel 3.

The Mayor of Cathedral City took this statistic to heart and decided to light his city up in orange.

“We’ve actually lit up our city hall orange which will be lit through the end of the month,” Mayor of Cathedral City John Aguilar told News Channel 3.

Downtown Palm Springs also went orange. The Rowan hotel embraced a new orange look supporting Hunger Action Month.

Indian Wells also lit orange raising awareness of the issue of hunger in our cities. According to FIND Food Bank, one in five people in the desert region are food insecure.

“I’m so thankful for the mayors and city councils throughout the Coachella Valley lighting up their cities in support of FIND Food Bank’s goal and mission to end hunger throughout our desert communities,” Espinosa said.