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FIND Food Bank Launches Senior Feeding Program


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Crystal Jimenez

KESQ Reporter

FIND Food Bank has launched its senior feeding program that will give eligible seniors a box of groceries every month.

The new program’s goal is to make sure no Coachella Valley senior goes hungry.

According to Loren Marroquin, FFB’s Director of Community Impact said there is a high population of seniors in the Coachella Valley who are food insecure.

The new program called the Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) will give seniors over 60-years-old monthly access to a bag or box of food.

“Seniors right now in this area have now consistent access to nutritious food,” said Marroquin. “For some seniors, it can be difficult with the high cost of medications, isolation, and just the cost of living on a limited income.”

Each bag/box will include up to $50 of nutritious food.

A recent CSFP giveaway in Coachella gave seniors things like cereal, cheese, peanut butter, and rice.

Many of them were fortunate to be receiving this assistance.

“Food belongs to everybody. Everybody should have a meal,” said Indio resident, Juan Ruiz. “I’m very appreciative of what these people are doing here today.”

18 sites total will now be distribution points for seniors to get their food. Only those who sign up will be able to participate in the program.

You can find out more about the program and how to sign up here: FIND Food Bank CSFP Application