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Every Dollar Counts in the Fight to End Hunger


Why Cash Donations Do More to Support FIND’s Hunger Relief Programs

FIND Food Bank needs three things to alleviate food insecurity – Food, Friends, and Funds. All three are at the core of our work to end hunger today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime. Donating non-perishable food items and giving your time as a volunteer are two great ways to give back to your community while reducing food waste. Still, FIND relies heavily on monetary donations to provide the most needed items in bulk to 150,000 people experiencing food insecurity on average each month.

How can $1 Provide Over 4 Meals through FIND Food Bank?

FIND can multiply the impact of food donations and volunteer time, allowing a majority of funds to be allocated for transportation, storage, and administrative costs. Read more about our donated food sources here.

For every one can of food you purchase, FIND can provide over 4 meals. In other words, if you want to donate $25 worth of food from the store, that amount can purchase about 15 cans. A can of soup weighs about 10 ounces, and according to Feeding America, a full meal weighs approximately 1.2 pounds. For this example, if one canned good provides one meal, then donating $25 can provide only 15 meals.

On the other hand, donating that $25 directly to FIND provides a much greater quantity of food. Donated food and voluntary labor allow funds to be stretched more efficiently and effectively through FIND’s network of 150 food distribution sites. $25 can provide over 100 meals compared to 15 meals from your limited $25 shopping spree at the store. FIND can also provide more diverse and fresh food items as opposed to canned goods, including fresh produce, frozen meat, and dairy. In fact, 40-50% of FIND’s food distributions consist of fresh produce allowing your dollars to not only alleviate hunger but also ensure the quality of health for your neighbors.

Food Banks get the best bang for our buck when purchasing food

Most of FIND’s food comes from the USDA or is rescued from regional retail grocer partners and local farmers, still, there are items that need to be purchased to provide wholesome, nutritious meals. FIND is a member of the Feeding America network of food banks and the California Association of Food Banks, which helps us buy food wholesale at various points in the supply chain. If an average can of soup is $1.50, FIND can purchase the same for far less in large quantities. Additionally, FIND’s purchasing power saves on individuals’ fuel consumption by preventing multiple trips to drop off donations at the food bank or food drives. It also saves us on transportation and labor costs for our semi-trucks that accompany the collection of goods from traditional food drives.

We commonly purchase: Whole Chickens or Leg Quarters, Canned Beans Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit in Juice, Canned White Meat Chicken, Chunk Light Tuna in Water, Dry Beans (black-eyed peas, navy, pintos, etc), Oatmeal, Pasta, Peanut Butter, and Spaghetti Sauce.

98% Of All Revenue Goes Directly to FIND’s Hunger Relief Programs!

FIND Food Bank could not distribute approximately 20 million meals annually without the hard work and dedication of our 35 full-time staff members. Still, less than 2% of our expenses account for administrative costs. The other 98% support the community programs like our Mobile Markets, CalFresh Outreach and Case Management Program, and Kids Summer Club, etc. Your gift helps FIND safely prepare, store, and transport millions of pounds of food across the 5,000 square miles of the Coachella Valley and Hi-Desert.

Donating cash makes a tremendous impact on our fight to end hunger. Find out which form of monetary support works best for you and join us to leave no one in the desert hungry.


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