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Coachella Valley cities join FIND Food Bank for Hunger Action Day


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Crystal Jimenez

KESQ Reporter

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Friday is Hunger Action Day and FIND Food Bank is joining other Coachella Valley cities to help stop hunger.

FIND Food Bank distributes over 20 million pounds of food annually to people across the Coachella Valley. Statistics from the food bank reveal that 99% of people that receive assistance from the food bank have an income but still find it hard to budget for all of life’s needs.

FIND Food Bank hosts mobile markets to help get food to as many people as it can.

During the month of September, several members of the community joined in on the fight against hunger. Some businesses have ongoing fundraisers where proceeds will go to the food bank.

You can find a full list of participating businesses here.

City officials have used the month to reaffirm their commitment to helping the food bank continue its work. Many of them have used this month especially to volunteer their time at the food bank or its distribution sites.

Throughout the CV several landmarks have also been lit up in the color orange. This is the color signifying hunger relief.

September 23 is the day that people are urged to “go orange” by wearing the color orange to amplify FIND Food Bank’s cause.

If you’re interested in being part of the change FIND said there are different ways you can take part in Hunger Action Month.

  • Donate $25 to help provide over 100 meals to those in need in CV and High Desert.
  • Attend one of the fundraisers that are donating a portion of its proceeds to the food bank.
  • Volunteer your time at the food bank.

There is also a special event happening in honor of Hunger Action Month on Sunday, September 25. It is called Sunday Supper at PS Underground in Palm Springs. The event includes a four-course meal, wine, and live entertainment, all to support FIND Food Bank’s hunger relief efforts.

Volunteer. Advocate. Donate.