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FIND Food Bank in need of more donations during the holidays


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Bianca Ventura

KESQ Reporter

With the holidays upon us, FIND Food Bank is in need of donations to help feed families throughout the Desert Region.

As prices at grocery stores continue to rise with inflation, some families might be experiencing more financial stress this time of year.

Thanksgiving dinner to cost more this year due to inflation, tips to save.

FIND Food Banks tells News Channel 3 many families seek their services for the first time during the holiday season.

Kayleen Sullivan, Community Relations Manager at FIND Food Banks says, “We’re really looking for more donations as we go into this holiday season, because we always see an increase in our lines during the holidays. About 10% is the increase in our food distribution lines. For more people coming to the food bank, we have about 150 distribution sites across the Coachella Valley and High Desert.”

This year FIND Food Bank is moving towards virtual food drives and monetary donations.

FIND Food Bank says buying in bulk will help them feed more families and just $25 alone can provide 100 meals.

You can find more details on FIND Food Bank’s services at

You can also visit to donate virtually.