Outreach Services

outreach services

FIND Food Bank offers a variety of program services for food-insecure residents of eastern Riverside and southern San Bernardino Counties.

To reach our goal to end hunger today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime, our outreach services team provides additional client support. They work one-on-one with clients to help them apply for food benefits, rental and utility assistance, unemployment, SSI and other financial resources that give people the tools for self-sufficiency.

Please call 760-775-3663 to schedule an appointment and determine what documents you will need to access financial assistance and other community and state funded resources. Our highly trained team will walk you through what benefits you qualify for and help you apply!

Resources for CalFresh Recipients

Learn how CalFresh can supplement your grocery budget to help purchase more healthy foods.

FIND Community Health Workers

Receive one-on-one application assistance for food, utilities, rent, healthcare and other programs  from FIND’s outreach team.

Think You May qualify?

Apply for Benefits

Contact us to book an appointment with a FIND CalFresh Outreach Associate. Our trained professionals can help you apply to receive up to $251 a month per household member on an EBT Card.

Apply now If you feel comfortable navigating the CalFresh application and submitting your documents online.

Contact our trusted team of Community Health Workers (CHW), for personalized help navigating benefit applications and financial assistance programs.

Community Voices

“CalFresh helped me save money because what I used to spend on food with cash, I’ve now been investing in bills I could no longer afford. I am now able to put more food on our table to keep everyone happy and full.”

– Martha Gamez, CalFresh Client, Mother of 5

“FIND’s distribution makes us smart as well because with the produce we get, we use it in caldos, soups, and with milk. This food and well, with food stamps, I can make it. It helps us to make a full meal.”

– Raquel Saldana, Mother of 3