Pass H.R.6613, Keeping School Meals Flexible Act

Congressional child nutrition waivers that allowed for free meals in school and other food assistance measures are expiring June 30. NBC News

If the waivers end this month as scheduled, experts foresee a crisis as families, already facing soaring prices at supermarketsgas stations, and elsewhere, lose access to meals that their children have counted on for the last two years. 

The waivers let families pick up multiple days’ worth of food to take home, without them students have to stay on-site to eat one meal, an obstacle for families who lack transportation and time.

If the waivers expire, 7 million kids could lose access to two meals a day. Food and Environmental Reporting Network

FIND Food Bank alongside Congressman Raul Ruiz, our partnering school districts, PSUSD, DSUSD, and CVUSD, as well as national, state, and local organizations, ask Congress to further extend USDA’s nationwide waiver authority through the school year 2022-23 to ensure USDA has continued flexibility to respond to the ongoing and evolving impacts of the pandemic as well as its aftermath and to ensure that the federal child nutrition programs continue to operate and provide healthy snacks and meals to students.


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Many rely on strong federal nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), child nutrition programs like the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), and federal commodity foods through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). Help advocate for federal nutrition programs with FIND and our network of 200+ Feeding America Food Banks working to fight hunger collectively in our communities.

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Protect and Strengthen Federal Nutrition Programs

Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act

CNR 是国会用来资助和构建儿童营养计划的过程。这些计划包括 校餐夏季和课后用餐, 和 妇女、婴儿和儿童特殊补充营养计划 (WIC)。儿童营养计划改善了全国数百万儿童的健康、营养和福祉。没有 CNR,儿童营养计划通常无法显着扩展或改进。

The Problem: Summer Hunger

  • When school is not in session, millions of children who rely on school breakfast and school lunch lose access to reliable, consistent meal assistance. 
  • Children consume up to 50 percent of their total daily calories at school during the school year – but when classes end and summer begins, children who participate in school meal programs have less food support they can look forward to.  
  • When children go hungry during the summer, they become more vulnerable to short- and long-term health consequences and summer learning loss (also known as the “summer slide”).  
  • 83 percent of children who are eligible for summer meals do not participate. That means 8 out of 10 children who count on school meals may not be able to access the food they need.

A Solution: Child Nutrition Waivers

  • Pandemic-era child nutrition waivers have helped provide year-round access to much-needed nutrition for millions of children. 
  • If the waivers aren’t extended beyond their June 30 expiration, summer and afterschool meals sites will have to close — translating to taking away meals that families are relying on to keep their kids nourished

了解如何 儿童营养重新授权可以解决儿童饥饿问题 



告诉您的立法者使夏季电子福利转移 (EBT) 计划在全国范围内永久生效,将加强的 儿童税收抵免,并通过在即将出台的 COVID 恢复法案中为他们提供额外的食物和容量资金来确保食物银行能够满足不断增长的需求。


到 2022 年扩大 TEFAP 资金

紧急粮食援助计划 (TEFAP) 是一项联邦营养计划,它从农民那里购买食物,通过食品银行并与美国农业部合作分发给低收入的美国人。 FIND Food Bank 是沙漠地区 TEFAP 的区域经销商。当粮食援助需求猛增时,我们依靠 TEFAP,该计划仍然至关重要,而 FIND 在大流行之前帮助养活了 60% 更多的人。



2021 年 10 月节俭食品计划的修订

SNAP 福利将比大流行前水平高出 27%,这要归功于节俭食品计划的修订,该计划控制了加州 SNAP 或 CalFresh 的最大配额。 

根据瓦克斯曼合着的城市研究所最近的一份报告,美国一顿饭的平均成本为 $2.41——比最高食品券福利高 22%。 2020 年,在美国 96% 的县中,最高福利不包括价格适中的膳食的费用。然而,修订后将把这个数字减少到估计的 21% 的县。

“这对于 SNAP 福利充足性来说非常重要,但我们还没有完全做到这一点。” —— Lisa Davis,No Kid Hungry 高级副总裁


  • 22 million children receive free or reduced-cost lunches during the school year, but only 3.76 million continue to access those free meals in the summer. That’s where FIND’s Kids Summer Feeding Program steps in.
  • 5 个中的 4 个 沙漠地区的儿童可能会遇到粮食不安全的情况。我们知道 超过 83% of students qualify for free or reduced-price meals across the three regional school districts.
  • FIND 提要超过 每月 60,000 名儿童 我们的移动市场和社区合作伙伴。 0-18岁儿童包括 我们帮助养活的总人口的 40%.

Rates of food insecurity among rural households are generally higher than in urban households. This is due to food deserts, which is an area that has limited access to fresh, nutritious food. While there might be a gas station or fast food nearby fresh produce can be hard to find. Data collected by Feeding America reveals that 84% of U.S. counties with the highest percentage of food-insecure children are rural.

  • 农贸市场, FIND 直接向农场工人分发食物,每隔一周在东科切拉山谷的不同地点为 400-750 名农场工人及其家人提供食物。
  • Farmworkers face a multitude of obstacles to accessing nutritious foods:
    • 缺乏可靠的交通和地理隔离。农场工人可能需要开车 20 分钟或更长时间才能到达最近的健康杂货店。
    • 收入不安全源于极端气温和农业工人淡季延长;他们在收获一种作物后失业 2-3 周意味着他们必须延长这些工资。
    • 农场工作是一项体力劳动强度大的工作,许多人在年老时无法行动,无法自给自足。
    • 农业是沙漠经济的第二大贡献者。农场工人生产了超过 50% 的美国水果和蔬菜。

In the Hi-Desert, FIND reaches area residents through our mobile market at Copper Mountain College, and a distribution branch in the Morongo Basin where surrounding food pantries and soup kitchens can pick up food for their clients. This saves them from making the hour-long trip down to the Coachella Valley to pick up food items.

  • 一个估计 40% 在美国种植、加工和运输的食品 永远不会被消耗。
  • 当食物被丢弃在垃圾填埋场时,它会腐烂并成为甲烷的重要来源——甲烷是一种具有严重副作用的强效温室气体,包括气候变化。
  • FIND 是沙漠地区最大的食品救援组织。我们救了 900万英镑 2020 年的食物!
  • 这阻止了大约 747,000 英镑 将温室气体甲烷从垃圾填埋场排放到大气中。
  • 到 2021 年,FIND 平均每月为超过 23,000 名老年人提供食物。
  • 与其他家庭相比,老年家庭通过补充营养援助计划 (SNAP) 获得帮助的可能性要小得多,尽管预期收益大致相同。
  • FIND Food Bank 是一家健康食品银行,我们的总配送量始终为 40-50% 新鲜农产品。
  • 在 Feeding America 的博客上阅读一致健康膳食的好处, 饥饿+健康