Opportunity Bank Activity Fee Scholarship

Opportunity Bank
Activity Fee Scholarship

FIND Food Bank, The Desert’s Regional Food Bank, has created a scholarship customized to fund students in extracurricular activities who are limited due to finances. Extracurricular activities build leadership skills, confidence, empowerment, and social skills in a child’s life. This program will incorporate financial literacy training and provide personalized management by a FIND Community Health Worker. Recipients will also have the chance to work with local Universities to support studies of program effectiveness and impact. We are here to help build the youth in our community by providing a scholarship to help children find their passions in life.

Why Opportunity Bank?

Studies show that the root causes of hunger are caused by lack of equitable access to healthy and culturally relevant foods, private and public benefits, and educational and professional opportunities. The Opportunity Bank Scholarship Program was created to address the root causes of hunger specific to educational attainment, work force development, and financial literacy. This program will provide access for children to opportunities that can support their development to skill sets needed to thrive in these areas in order to help break their cycle of food insecurity and poverty.

Opportunity Bank Goals

  • Fund middle and high school aged youth’s pursuit of their interest to promote development of skills that will aid in academic and professional endeavors needed to thrive in life
  • Support educational attainment
  • Support workforce development skill sets
  • Provide financial literacy training and other life skills for students and their families
  • Provide personalized case management for youth’s family
  • Support breaking the cycle of food insecurity and poverty

Scholarship Parameters

  • Up to $800/annually on approved fees and purchases
  • Can include but not limited to registration fees, equipment, transportation, tutoring, etc.
  • Is paid directly to entity, organization, or store


  • Middle school-High school aged student within the Greater Coachella Valley and Hi-Desert Valley
  • GPA stays at 2.0 or better
  • Monthly feedback- Survey/progress reports
  • Income verification that follows Cal-Fresh income limits
  • Financial Literacy Training for child and family
  • May participate in a longitudinal study with a local University Partner for research and program validation

Eligible Opportunities 

  • Education advancement (e.g. math club, SAT, ACT prep, writing club, journalism, culinary)
  • Sports
  • Performing arts
  • Creative and fine arts
  • Other extracurricular activities (e.g. gardening, farming, auto shop, building and construction)
  • Leadership Programs (e.g. leadership camps, workshops, public speaking training, public advocacy workshops, etc.)


  • Youth will be eligible to reapply for the program annually until they reach the end of 12th grade
  • Minimum: 1 year if they become a first-time recipient in 12th grade
  • Full requirements must have been met prior to reapplying


Opportunity Bank Recipients

L. Bautista 

9th Grade

Central Valley

J. Trejo

7th Grade

West Valley

M. Guttierez

7th Grade

East Valley