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Greater Palm Springs Restaurant week makes a comeback


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Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week is back this year starting on Friday. It’s going to bring 10 days of deals to a variety of restaurants in the Coachella Valley.

Restaurant Week runs from June 3 to June 12, where over 60 Coachella Valley businesses will be participating.

Those who visit any of the restaurants will be able to access select-priced menus with limited options.

“We have such a great dining and culinary culture here in the Coachella Valley,” said Davis Meyer, Visit Greater Palm Springs Director of Partnership. “It’s a great way for us to promote it not just locally, but to all of Southern California to come to check out our restaurants, come experience some of the culinary creations that we have here in the desert.”

Not only would you be filling your stomach, but you have an opportunity to fill someone else’s. For every reservation made on the event’s website, a dollar is being donated to FIND Food Bank.

One newly opened restaurant in Palm Desert is looking forward to Restaurant Week to expose people to the foods being served.

“We only opened up March 16 of this year so we thought it was a good opportunity to invite regulars who want to come in to join us obviously but we also, want to introduce people to the restaurant,” explained Jay Rubenstein, the owner of Jay’s Deli.

Book a reservation aquí to provide up to 5 meals to the community!