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CV Firebirds Let’s Melt The Competition Chocolate Donation is starting up for Game 1


If you bring a Hershey bar to any Calder Cup Finals games at Acrisure Arena, you can trade it for a free pack of two-ounce Brandini toffee. The Hershey bars will be donated to FIND Food Bank. 

“These types of organizations are the voice of our valley for the needy,” says A Firebirds Fan, Julian Rangel. “I think it’s a great opportunity even though it’s chocolates and we might give them a little bit of to tooth ache but you know, organizations like this need to step up and help out those less fortunate.”

“Approximately 90% of the 17 million pounds of food that we distribute into our community is healthy and nutritious, including fruits and vegetables,” says FIND Food Bank Development Manager, Mariela Salazar. “But every so often, it’s really nice to just give something a little sweet, especially to help towards mental health. It’s important for fine to collaborate with other organizations in our community, because we are striving to end hunger and with other organizations collabing with us, we’re able to do that and we’re able to get our word out a little bit more.”

Fans were at a a Walmart in Indio buying chocolate straight off the shelf. “We’re gonna melt the Hershey’s like in the game that we’re gonna have tonight,” says 8 year old Ivor Gould.