Школьный год

школьный год

Over 84% of students throughout the eastern Riverside and southern San Bernardino Counties qualify for Free and Reduced-Price School Meals. According to USDA and Feeding America standards, these students are suffering from food insecurity. To ensure students have the nutrition they need to focus and succeed academically and beyond, FIND provides farmer’s market-style food distributions directly on the school campuses that have the highest risk population for food insecurity.

During the pandemic, we collaborate with twelve school sites to distribute fresh food alongside the District provided free and reduced-price meals.

Учебные программы FIND распространяются на учащихся колледжа, испытывающих нехватку продовольствия. Мы сотрудничаем с Колледжем пустыни и кампусом штата Калифорния в Сан-Бернардино-Палм-Дезерт, чтобы раздавать студентам здоровую пищу.

High School Pantry Program

Partnering schools pick up healthy snacks from FIND Food Bank to stock their food pantry during the school year. Students who stay after school for athletics programs, club meetings, rehearsals, or other school-related activities have the opportunity to grab a snack to power them through the afternoon.


Shadow Hills High School

Indio High School

Desert Ridge Academy

Sea View Elementary