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Over $256K raised during 12th Annual FIND Food Bank Telethon 


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Thanks to the community, we were able to raise more than $256,000 to fight child hunger during 12th annual FIND Food Bank Telethon.

Summer will be difficult for families facing hunger. Budgets tighten while the desert’s economy slows. Kids are home and missing meals they would normally get at school. Neighbors may have to choose between food and air conditioning during devastating heat waves.

A special thanks to some of FIND’s key donors:
  • Desert Oasis Healthcare – $15,000 donation
  • RALPHS AND Food 4 Less – $30,000 donation
  • Western Wind Foundation – $30,000 donation
  •  City of La Quinta – $60,000 donation   

Donate online at $25 can provide over 100 meals!

Join the fight at

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