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FIND Food Bank Hosts Resource Fair


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Cristal jimenez

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FIND Food Bank Invites Community to Resource Fair
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NBC Palm Springs, INDIO (CNS) – FIND Food Bank will host a resource fair tomorrow for Coachella Valley community members to apply for and learn about available resources.

“Current gas and grocery prices are causing more people to seek out FIND for food assistance,” FIND Food Bank Director Lorena Marroquin said. “And we want the community to know they are not alone, these programs are designed to help them back on their feet.”

Area residents are invited to attend the event from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at FIND’s warehouse and administration building at 83775 Citrus Ave. in Indio.

Attendees can apply for CalFresh food benefits and Medi-Cal, receive free food and household necessities, and learn about more available resources, according to the food bank.

Various booths will be set up at the warehouse’s parking lot for attendees to walk up and receive application assistance and informational materials. More than 20 local organizations will provide resources and information.

FIND Food Bank is the Desert Regional Food Bank serving counties across Southern California. The organization feeds an average of 150,000 people in need each month.