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September is Hunger Action Month in Coachella Valley


Hunger Action Month is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness to help put food on the table of many families here in Coachella Valley. You can follow this donation link to help FIND Food Bank fight hunger.
This September, join FIND Food Bank and our 200 Feeding America partner food banks across the country for the annual nationwide campaign to raise awareness and take action to fight hunger in the United States. For millions of Americans, a daily meal isn’t a choice between different dishes. It’s a choice between food and other crucial needs—like medicine, electricity, and childcare.


Record high inflation at the gas pump and grocery stores is dragging on longer than expected, pushing more working people into food bank lines. FIND Food Bank helps feed 150,000 people each month struggling to make ends meet, and they need you to take action to Leave No Local Hungry. 

Contact us for more information about giving a donation или волонтерство to help our local families. If you need help with food you can check out the map of food bank locations.