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Members of Hideaway Golf Club present $125K Check to FIND Food Bank


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FIND Food Bank, a hunger-relief nonprofit organization, received a $125,000 donation from members of the Hideaway Golf Club in La Quinta, it was announced today.

Individual residents of the club came together to raise funds for the food bank, with the donation equaling approximately 562,500 meals, according to FIND spokeswoman Kayleen Sullivan.

The donation comes at a time when inflation and supply chain issues have increased the cost of food and other supplies for FIND Food Bank purchases. This has caused the food bank to dip into reserves to ensure it can supply its 162 distribution sites.

“After the winter (COVID-19) surge, we started to see food lines decrease in February, now we’re seeing them increase again,” FIND CEO Debbie Espinosa explained. “Our average Mobile Market distribution is now serving 100-200 more cars than it was a few weeks ago and we believe this is a response to higher prices at the pump and in stores putting financial pressure on family budgets.”  

“What the members of Hideaway have done for the food-insecure in our community is incredible,” she added. “This shows that when our community is hurting, when household budgets shrink and putting food on the table is the
first thing to go, we have people who will step in to ensure none of our neighbors have to go hungry.” 

Founded in 1983, FIND Food Bank currently feeds an average of 150,000 individuals each month through its distribution sites and 80 community partners.