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FIND Food Bank Mobile Food Markets to distribute hundreds of holiday meals


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FIND Food Bank said during the holidays it often sees a 10% increase in the need for food in the Coachella Valley and this year it plans to give out over 300 meals for families.

“The idea that they’re not going to have enough to feed their families and loved ones during the holiday season can be difficult,” said FIND Food Bank’s CEO Debbie Espinosa. “So again many of the times it’s the first time they’re coming to our lines just to make sure they have what they need.”

During the holidays the food bank is giving out chicken drumsticks, fresh fruit and vegetables, grain items, pasta items, rice, beans, and more.

There are over 150 mobile food markets across the Coachella Valley people can get in line and grab a box.

Or if you want to help the food bank, you can by donating food, volunteering to help pack or distribute the boxes, or through financial donations.