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Caring for Seniors – FIND Food Bank


The holidays and wholesome meals go hand-in-hand. This time of year, we’re reminded not to take food for granted. For Richelle, a retired senior living on a fixed income, food is a gift that should always be appreciated.

Help Seniors

“They gave us chickens this month, and I canned all of it. I make it shelf stable, or I freeze it. Whatever I can’t use, I pass on to my friends. Amongst ourselves, we help each other out, so nothing goes to waste.”

Richelle is grateful for the groceries from FIND’s Hi-Desert Mobile Market. She saves the excess food for her elderly neighbors who are ill or lack the transportation to visit our distribution. “At Vons, the prices are really high. We have to be careful on a fixed income. I buy what’s on sale once a month. If it’s not on sale, we don’t buy it.”

Give more than a meal this holiday season, and remind our seniors they are not alone. We’re here to help.

Food insecurity is a reality for many of our local seniors living on a limited income through retirement. The holidays can become particularly isolating without food to share with their families or no loved ones to care for them.

FIND Food Bank feeds over 25,000 seniors monthly through our homebound delivery program and over 150 distribution sites, ensuring they have the proper nutrition to maintain good health and strength through a cold winter. Thanks to the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, thousands of our seniors have access to $50 worth of food tailored to their health needs.

Tommy Mondello, a caretaker at a retirement community in La Quinta, praises the new items available to seniors thanks to our CSFP boxes.

“We used to receive items that served families even though we only support seniors who live alone. Sugar cereals and hot dogs do not pair well with their medications.

The food items we get in FIND Food Bank’s boxes are amazing. It has cheese, different types of vegetables, chicken, and tuna. It’s good because these are things they’re definitely using.”

Donate to secure nutritious meals for 35 senior assistance locations.

A gift of $25 provides over 100 meals to our most vulnerable population this winter – our seniors. Пожертвовать