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$255K+ raised in 13th annual FIND Food Bank Telethon – Thank you!


FIND Food Bank is here to help the community with food insecurity across the Coachella Valley. The FIND Food Bank’s 13th Annual TELETHON is your opportunity to help our community.

As of Monday, April 3, the 2023 Telethon raised more than $255,000 to help fight hunger in the desert.

It aired on News Channel 3 on Friday night, but there is still a chance to donate.

Call 760-775-3663 to donate or visit

This year’s TELETHON brought together youth from across the Coachella Valley to showcase their talents and raise their voices to call out hunger. It’s kids supporting kids who are facing food insecurity. Your donation can help feed 4 out of 5 children and others in the desert who are experiencing hunger.