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June 21 | Blog, Food Bank, News & Press

Donate Towards Kids Summer Market!

Kids who depend on free and reduced-priced lunches during the school year no longer have access to dependable meals.  Dahlia is a local Coachella Valley student who depends on meals she is given at school. She enjoys going to school to play with friends and “has breakfast and lunch every day” since she does not know if dinner will be on the table every night. Her mom is a single mother to little Dahlia and counts on school meals so she can prioritize rent, electric, gas, and other essential bills needed for their wellbeing. With summer here, she worries how they will survive for the months to come. Brandy and Dahlia have been coming to their local FIND Mobile Market for food assistance every month.

Dahlia Fournier shares some foods she enjoys receiving at FIND’s Mobile Markets

Brandy said that the announcement of the Kids Summer Market brought comfort and relief for her, knowing that her daughter will be able to receive nutritious foods to enjoy. The 10-week program will provide Dahlia with snacks, fruits, and veggies she loves, and needs. FIND Food Bank is proud to accommodate parents and students during these difficult times. With your help and donations, we can continue to provide food for children, so parents can worry less and focus more on other factors during the summer, food not being one!

Donate Towards Kids Summer Market!